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How do you determine if I have a motor vehicle injury case?
The date of the injury can be very important since claims can become time barred if not properly and timely presented. The question of when a claim can become time barred can be complex and an attorney needs to be consulted. Generally speaking, claims are only allowed under the law for serious injuries but there are notable exceptions. Again, the question if a claim may be allowed often needs the input of an attorney. Motor vehicle insurance laws and determining the available insurance to pay for the claim can also be quite important; this often needs the input of an attorney. And, of course, generally speaking, claims for injuries need to be primarily or at least 50% caused by the fault of somebody else. An attorney is often helpful in sorting out the issue of fault. Sometimes the attorney can be helpful in working with an insurance company to be sure that healthcare benefits are given and paid. The area of motor vehicle injury claims has become very complex and to get the best result a claimant is generally advised to consult with an attorney.



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